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Graphic Designer:

We have several positions for Graphic Designers , both at the Junior and Senior level. We pride ourselves on the excellent and unique graphical design we provide for our clients, and the fact that our sites are not only easy to navigate, but marketing savvy. If this sounds like the sort of work you'd like to be doing, you'll want to read on.

The successful candidates for this position must have:

  • Previous Web design experience
  • Strong knowledge of HTML, Photoshop and graphic compression
  • The ability to create a unique look for each client
  • A willingness to work as part of a team
  • And, we'll want to see your sample portfolio

The following experience is desireable, but not mandatory:

  • Windows NT
  • Active Server Pages
  • Java/JavaScript
  • CGI/Perl scripting
  • Active X
  • Microsoft Access/SQL
  • MacIntosh OS
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Macromedia Director
  • Macromedia ColdFusion
  • Gif Animation
  • Streaming Audio/Video

If you have the experience we require , and the job sounds interesting, I'm sure you'd like to hear about what you'd be doing. While this will change as your skills grow, and the Net matures, you can anticipate that your Duties would include:

  • Participating in the layout of Web sites, create state-of-the-art titles, banners and icons
  • Developing CD-ROM programs, many of which will be catalogs
  • Being on a job start to finish
  • Staying up to date on the latest design techniques
  • Senior designers also need to be capable of leading development teams and working with clientele, as well as being able to coach and train junior design staff

If this sounds like a position you are interested in , you have the necessary training and experience, and are interested in applying, please click here.

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