Case Study
Carver Pump
Using Interactive Technology to Pump Information to the World



The Client is one of the world's leading centrifugal pump companies, building pumps to the most demanding engineering specifications and military standards in the world. One of the first American pump companies to attain ISO 9001 certification -- the most recognized standard for quality in the world -- Carver's objectives in asking us to makeover their web site were to give them a clean, fresh new look that promoted recruiting and employment opportunities, provided a brief company overview, enhanced public relations by providing more company information, promoted the industries they work in while assisting prospects in matching products to applications, enhanced distributor relations, and was scalable.


Working primarily with the Marketing Director, AHA created a clean fresh look that allowed for quick upload and download and future scalability. We addressed all the objectives, and

  • Carver pump maintains the site, and due to the modular approach, is able to change text and graphics easily.
  • Created a hyperlinked distributor database.
  • Created an online press center where news releases can readily be uploaded.
  • (In Phase II) Place all Service publications on-line in PDF format.


In the past few months we have completed Phase I and put it online. The Client is so pleased that we've already begun work on Phase II, and they have just notified us that they plan to expedite plans for Phase III. It will now be completed by third quarter of this year. Specific benefits they cite include:

  • Increased lead generation -- "We've probably gotten 5 to 10 sales leads a week that we feel would otherwise not have come".
  • Worldwide exposure for employment, important since the Client's pumps are used on equipment everywhere, on equipment ranging from submarines to satellites
  • Better press relations. For example, since their newsletters and press releases are now available online, they are being picked up verbatim by industry trade group Web sites.
  • Enhanced distributor relationships -- "We have something that we can be proud of to sell potential distributors"
  • Significant savings related to printing costs. Now that all their tech manuals are going to be online, users can download them at will, reducing printing and shipping costs. Plus, those who are using the downloaded manuals know that the latest version is always available online.

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