Our Team

The professionals that make up our team are the best in the business! Their variety and depth of experience come together to produce complete, "big picture" solutions that will satisfy your current goals, while expanding to meet your needs of tomorrow. Provided are the abbreviated bios of our key staff.
Our Team


Our President, Anne Holmes, APR, has almost 30 years experience in the communications field, handling all aspects of communication for clients ranging from Fortune 100 corporations, manufacturers and international associations to clients in the fields of education, agriculture, economic development, finance, business-to-business operations and a variety of service organizations. An accredited public relations practitioner, with a Masters degree in communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Anne strongly believes in the value of the Internet as a public relations and communications tool. Anne loves to travel, and is currently fanaticizing about a cruise around Cape Horn, with a short detour to Antarctica.

Stephen Holmes, CCP, our Chief Operating Officer, is a Certified Computer Professional with emphasis on Information Technology Management, and has over 25 years experience managing within this field. He has a unique ability to see both the big picture and the fine details necessary to make a vision possible. Steve has a love of travel and science fiction, but has found the time to direct the creation of more than a hundred sites for our clients, including award-winners like:

  • Illinois' Best Website of the Year
  • Outstanding Website of the Year in Iowa

Bob Hook, CPA, is our Controller. Bob has been a partner or owner of several accounting firms. His previous experience as a software product manager and interest in web based e-commerce applications, makes him a valuable asset to our clients who want to convert their existing processes into web-based applications. Bob always has plenty of home projects in the works, and enjoys spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Karen Fowler, CDP, our E-Solutions Manager, has been an infomation Technology professional for almost 30 year. She earned a Master of Science in Information Technology Management and is active in the local chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP). Karen is a published and award-winning non-fiction author, and a webmaster of her church. Whether at music events, science fiction movies, or home improvement stores, Karen can be seen around town on the arm of a certain handsome bearded fellow.

CREATIVE - (Web / Multimedia / Graphics / Programming)

Eric Faramus is a world-class graphic designer with extensive experience working on clients like 3M and McDonalds. He has provided creative direction for many multimedia projects, and his personal motto states that "any good design should burn the eyes." In his free time, Eric sings in a Zydeco band.


Alan Garfield, a senior web design consultant, formerly headed up the computer graphics department at Marycrest International University and is currently Chair, Computer Graphics and Interactive Media Department, at the University of Dubuque.

Helen Fauerbach Symes has almost 20 years experience in the communications field. She has taught agricultural journalism, owned and publishing a consumer magazine, and worked as a writer and editor for University of Wisconsin Extension and three state agencies.

Ken Anderson is our representative in the Twin Cities area. He has been an independent consultant and information systems designer since 1991, and has increasingly been asked to help clients find resources for implementation of websites.

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