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Organizations of all sizes are finding they can improve their business by using the Web to address key business needs. In many cases, companies have seen a measurable improvement in their business within a short while after launching their Web application(s):

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  • An internationally known shipping company reduced its telecommunication expenses over $2 million annually after launching their Web based Customer Service system.

  • A mid-sized non-profit association increased its membership by 20% in just 6 months by advertising and distributing information on the Web.

  • A mid-sized florist sold over $1 million in their first year on the Web, while also reducing their phone order costs by 98%.

  • A small architectural firm increased their international business over 20% by putting product information and blueprints on the Web.

The Web represents a lucrative demographic population consisting of highly educated, relatively affluent professionals and consumers - a market which is attractive to many types of businesses. To explore if the Web is the right place for your business application, consider some of the following Web demographics and trends:

Category Current Demographics Trend
Male 61.5%
Female 38.5%
Leveling to more equal ratio
Average age 35.7
Increasing slowly
Education Highly educated, 56 % have an undergraduate or higher degree Relatively unchanged
Income Average household income > $53,000/yr. Relatively unchanged
Occupation Management

Computer related professionals

Other professionals


Increased 15%

Decreased 30%

Increased 15%


Primary Use of Internet/Web Information gathering, research, purchasing, communication, and entertainment Relatively unchanged, except for a sharp increase in purchasing on the Web
Product Information Accessed on Web
Daily 13%
Weekly 33%
Monthly 25%
Only 6% have never shopped on the Web a significant decrease from the year before

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