We believe that a web site isn't something people read...It's something people do.

Our Team

Your web pages should be interesting and fresh, but you should look beyond cool graphics to focus on the bigger issues, like:

  • Your purpose for communicating information
  • Your electronic image
  • Attracting first-time and repeat traffic
  • Obtaining a strong return on investment

Not all Web designers understand this concept, but it's crucial to the creation of an effective site. In fact, the success of your Web site will depend on how well we can get into your prospective users' minds to give them what they need.

We often include many ways of obtaining the same information. With thousands of potential users, each with his or her own perspective, this is an important concept. Some of your users will strictly drill down the table of contents, others will want to reference an index, and still others will prefer to do a keyword search. The easier the information is to find, the more it will be used.

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