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The Internet is the fastest growing communication medium in the world today-exploding at an estimated rate of 40-70% annually*.

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Thousands of companies are discovering the value of interacting with consumers and businesses worldwide who are using the Internet to reach news and information, resources, suppliers, and customers. Companies are improving their business by providing information, offering technical support, improving customer service, and marketing and selling their goods and services on the World Wide Web.

What can the Internet do for your business? If your goals include increasing revenues, improving customer relationships, communicating more effectively, and/or reducing business costs, it can probably do a great deal. Consider the following ways the Web could help you achieve your business objectives:

Increase Revenues Advertising Reach new markets, or new customers in existing markets, to grow revenues.

Reach/test targeted markets cost-effectively.

Marketing and Public Relations Provide extensive information about your company, your products, and more - in an interactive, real-time way that can increase sales and improve company image.
Improve Customer Relationships Customer Support Build better customer relationships by providing 24x7 access to information your customers want: technical support, product information, contact information, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), etc.
Customer Feedback Easily gather and act on customer input, and more quickly respond to issues that could otherwise cost your business money.
Improve Communications Interactive Data Gathering Gather information from customers through on-line research, surveys, and questionnaires - which reduce turnaround time and expenses.
Electronic Mail Remove the time delay in your communications by using e-mail to talk to vendors, suppliers, and customers.
Reduce Business Costs Information or Softgoods Distribution Save money distributing the most up-to-date material (technical documents, product literature, software, etc.) to your customers, suppliers, and internal associates via the Web
Online Transactions and Business Queries Reduce staff requirements for routine orders or queries, and free up valuable staff time for more pressing business issues by conducting
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