Anne Holmes & Associates provides strategic counseling and consultation to help you use interactive technology and/or interactive marketing programs to help solve business problems and achieve business goals. We're often called upon to work with businesses that are just starting to utilize technology, as well as those with well established operations.
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With technology changing as fast as it is, corporations often need help with strategy development or would like us to serve as a sounding board for ideas. Tapping our experience can lead to new fruitful business approaches, as well as save costly errors.

We have a unique ability to deal with the intangibles-- concepts and issues -- that influence our clients success as well as the tangible-servers, networking, hardware and software-- whose effective use can also make or break an organization.

So if you find your department or organization in a position of wondering whether and how technology and new media might help you answer any of the following questions -- or how much it would cost to utilize new technology to implement any of these ideas -- give us a call. We're happy consult with you on topics such as the following:
  • How do we establish a position in the electronic marketplace
  • We'd like to bring a direct connection into our business. How can we do that affordably
  • If we were to bring in a direct connection, how might we limit our employees' Web access
  • How might we use networking technology to improve communications with our clients
  • How soon do we really need to begin preparing for electronic commerce
  • We're moving soon. Can you help us set up a 'smart office'
  • How might we sell our product or service online
  • Can you help us identify new market opportunities
  • Can we use Internet technology to gain community support
  • Can we use Internet technology to change audience behavior
  • Will setting up a corporate intranet help us change organizational culture
  • How might an intranet help us increase productivity
  • What can we do to raise morale
  • How do we prepare our staff for emerging issues
  • Can our Web site really help us maintain order and retain allies during a crisis
  • Would having a Web site help us improve our stock price
  • Do you have any ideas on how we can commemorate an event both locally and internationally
  • How do we begin to make technologically enlightened management decisions that still have a human touch
  • How do we start to create an online image and reputation
  • Once we have a corporate Web site, what will it take to keep it fresh

Not located in the Midwest United States? Send e-mail or give a call anyway. We've found that much can be accomplished in an hour or two on the telephone or video conferencing.

And, if you'd like us to talk to your group, that too is possible. We accept a limited number of seminar and conference speaker invitations each year.

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