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Choosing your domain name is something you should do with care, just as you would choose a trademark name, a company name, or a name for a child. And, it's something you should do as soon as possible, if you haven't done so already. Even if you aren't quite ready to put up a Web site.
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Why do we say this? Well, right now, there are somewhere between 85,000-90,000 domain names being registered each month. With only a few top level domain names currently available (.com, .edu, .org, .net) the world is actually running out of good domain names. Of course there's more to it that this, like protecting your trademarks, and keeping your competitors from registering a name you'd want. But the bottom line is: We urge you to think of a desirable name or names, and get it or them registered as soon as possible.

But, before you ask us to help you register that name, give it a bit of thought. Remember, your Internet domain name will personify your organization's presence on the Net. Choose your domain name with care. After all, a domain name is as important to your company's business strategy on the Internet as your company's name, motto and logo are to traditional marketing.

That's why right now, companies in Silicon Valley currently pay naming companies upwards of $30,000 per name to create a company name and hence image for them. Methods to choose names vary, but range from having expensive computer programs put together morphemes (small semantic elements in words), to having a team composed of photographers, linguists, poets and many other free-lancing professionals undertake a massive brain-storming session.

We don't suggest you paying a company $30,000 dollars to help you think of a domain name, but we do have some insight into what makes a good name, and we can help you choose a name, and check if it is currently available.

Here are a few hints to get you started:

  1. Keep your name short and simple
  2. Make it relevant to your company and product, so it's easier to remember
  3. Remember the Internet is global in nature, try to choose a name that has positive connotations in all languages (Remember the trouble GM had in Latin America with the "Nova.")
  4. Consider registering a generic name, if one that makes sense for your organization is still available. (Proctor and Gamble has registered over a thousand names, such as "" and "") The concept is that people will be able to remember these, and when they type them in, will go to a site promoting your products.
  5. Avoid tying your name to a calendar year, unless you're willing to register a new name every year. Registering a name like "" may make a great launch site for your product, but as next year rolls around, it will quickly become dated and you'll lose visitors and customers. Again however, if you're registering multiple names, then registering "" is fine. Just make sure you've also registered "" . (And remember, "" and "" can point to the same web site).
  6. If you're only registering one name, avoid local connotations, unless you're promoting the locale. It can make you look too small should you ever want to market in another country - which you're effectively doing, by having a Web site. However, if you've made the choice to register several domain names, "" can point to the same web site as "", thus not hampering your future global marketing efforts.
  7. Keep in mind that seven new top level domain names have recently been voted upon by The Generic Top Level Domain Memorandum of Understanding (an international governance framework in which policies for the administration and enhancement of the Internet's global Domain Name System (DNS) are developed and deployed). With the coming implementation of the seven new top level domain names, .firm, .store, .web, .arts, .rec, .info, and .nom, there are many opportunities for your business to acquire a new generic name. Continuing our previous example, Acme Inc. might wish to register "" and "www.doorknobs.web". Considering the potential world-wide market, and the potential your site has for being the premier "doorknob site on the web," the costs of registering multiple domain names are minuscule.

Want to know more about registering your organization's domain name? We can help!

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