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As one looks around the Web today, one sees some truly incredible graphics. Next to some real dogs. Some inventive uses. Followed by some pointless ones. Graphics that enhance your Web viewing experience. And others that test your patience. Often all on the same page.

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Why are Web graphics in such a sorry state?

Some blame it on software developers who have failed to build "bad taste" or "bad idea" filters into their software, to protect their users. As a result, one finds people who think that just because they've bought a copy of some HTML editor, like FrontPage, or perhaps know how to use Adobe PhotoShop, they're free to set up shop as Web designers. (The sorry result is these efforts are the sites that are all clones of each other, each featuring the same topical buttons, in the same order. Not to mention those sites which have heavy dark backgrounds, which make it impossible to read the text. And the sites that feature gobs of clip art animations, and sport loud, clashing colors, for no apparent reason other than to arrest the eye.)

We agree: taste is a factor.

But we think it goes deeper than that. The fact is, creating graphics for the Web is a lot harder than one might think it is. After all, one can also find a plethora of sites designed by traditional graphics companies. Organizations which have taste, and do a great job of designing print work, but just don't "get it", when it comes to the logistics of the Web. (The primary hallmarks of these sites are huge graphical images which take way too long to load, and pages that don't fit on the average user's screen, which is still formatted for 640 x 480 dpi.)

And then, of course, you can find sites which look great on Netscape, but just don't work on Explorer or AOL browsers, etc. The problem here being the fact that our emerging industry still hasn't adopted a standard vector format. But we digress...

The fact is, that just as the emergence of desktop publishing temporarily had every organization believing they could save money by publishing their own documents rather than hiring an advertising agency or design firm; the development of Web-based HTML editors has everyone believing they are capable of creating great Web site designs.

It's just not so. Creating solid Web designs is an art unto itself. We've made it a speciality, have been creating great Web sites since 1995, and have a staff of highly trained designers who have each won awards for their work. They know how to create solid web designs that load quickly, navigate naturally, and work on all browser platforms. Frankly, this is not something you can learn by taking a day-long, week-long or even a semester course.

We invite you to take a look at some of our work. Note how the sites integrate marketing, solid graphical design, and technology. You'll soon realize that we know better than to design a site just for flash - anyone can do that - but instead develop a design that helps your organization achieve its objectives.

Then ask yourself, is it really worth skimping on the design of my site? After all, consider what's at stake.

We'd be happy to talk to you about redesigning a site that's just not working. Or about creating a new site destined to give you a solid return on your investment. We're as close as your phone or your computer. And we're excited about the prospect of helping you create a great Web site! Why not call us now!

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