Perhaps it all began with e-mail - the fact is, E-mail has become indispensable to tens of millions of people.

According to a recent article we found:
  • 97% of Internet users correspond by email (Yahoo!).
  • 84% of Internet users say they can't live without their email (GVU8).
  • 57% of American business execs rely on email (American Management Association)
  • 59% of adults with access to the Internet send or receive email every day. Another 30% use it at least weekly (Find/SVP).
  • 30 million people used email in the past 24 hours - including four million who are not regular Internet users (CommerceNet/Nielsen Media Research).
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The report also indicates that E-mail usage continues to skyrocket, and comments that:

  • 82% of Internet users access email from the workplace, while 91% have household accounts (ZD Market Intelligence).
  • 56% of Internet users report having more than one email account (GVU8).

We've certainly seen that E-mail is driving widespread Internet adoption:

  • 84% of people say it was email that lured them to the Internet (MarketFact).
  • Email is the second most popular Internet application, second only to Internet research applications (ZD Market Intelligence).

In fact, we think E-mail is the ideal form of "push" technology. But before we go too far, let us also explain that we can offer your organization e-mail services using your own company name, and you can have as many e-mail boxes as you need. Our prices are extremely reasonable. Give us a call - or send us an e-mail message - and let us tell you more about this fabulous technology.

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