These days, one of the best corporate investments is an intranet. Technical Definition:

An intranet is a private system built on Internet standards that delivers distributed, cross-platform business applications to a secured network of computers.
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Business Definition:

An Intranet is just like an Internet Web site, except, that it is a private site, existing within your firewall, and viewable only by your employees. It can be used to disseminate information throughout your organization, via your secure computer network.

Some organizations have taken this process a step farther, and decided to extend their intranet past their firewall, so it can reach partners and customers outside the company. Do this, and you're creating an "extranet."

According to Simba Research, 34% of corporate executives report intranets give the greatest return on their technology investments, even better than extranets (29%) or public Web sites (25%). Delphi's "New Intranet Report" indicates intranet use -- practically nonexistent in 1994 -- has become pervasive. In a survey of 600 tech professionals, 37% report their firms have three-quarters of their desktops connected to an intranet. And 82% expect that level of connectivity within three years. Computer Intelligence reports nearly half the large companies it surveyed are rethinking their entire network infrastructures, and two-thirds are increasing their Internet/intranet budgets.

When considering whether to install or upgrade an intranet, consider that:

  • 80% of companies using intranet applications have seen an annual return on investment averaging 38% (Meta Group).

  • When purchasing technology, 97% of firms consider cost the least important factor, and quality most important (Computer Intelligence).

  • 34% of companies say they are willing to invest in intranet technologies before industry standards are set.

Much of the hype about the Internet suggests riches will be found externally, somewhere on the Web. In reality, real treasure is hidden within the companies themselves. A smart intranet investment can bring real benefits to the bottom line.

At Anne Holmes & Associates, we've been creating intranets since 1997, and have first hand knowledge of how to build and market them. We know they can save huge amounts of corporate overhead. Like to see how Web technology can give you a significant return on investment? Why not let us build an intranet for you?

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